Our concept

JoinMyTrip.World – the place where Traveler and Tourist meet each other!

This has been an idea for a long time and we were looking for the similar services on the web to get some inspiration or to learn from. Surprisingly, there is nothing exactly like this. Some are conceptually close but not quite the same. So here it is.

Imagine you are a seasoned Traveler,

… you have been to places and learned some of them inside out. This has become part of your life and part of yourself. You are continuously on your way, snapping everything around you and posting your impressions to your travel blog daily to keep your followers interested and to generate more traffic to your blog. This has almost become your job πŸ™‚ Sorry, I shouldn’t say that πŸ™‚

But what if you extend your travel experience to the others? To the "tourists" of this world and let them experience for a short while the sense of traveling. Get together to the places where the usual labor junkies would never dare to go on their own. Instead of being just virtually present in your blog, grab them by their… πŸ™‚ hands and lead them like a guru. The enthusiasm and the feedback that you’d get will be massive! It will amplify all the stories that you tell online and will convert your network of followers into the network of friends.

And it is not just a donation to the humanity. If your destination is unique and the story is honest I will be the first to open my wallet. And so will do many out there. It would be yet another way to sustain your nomad lifestyle.

Now, look at this from the other side. You are a seasoned Tourist,

… i.e. you have visited all tourist places around you but your get-away- from-the- job time is limited and you really want to find something unique this time. You’d really like to go to that place on the other side of the world but you have never done such "crazy" things or you are concerned about language barriers or a harsh climate etc. Getting there on your own seems quite a step for you but getting there with someone who did that before is a totally different story. Moreover, if there is a group around you willing to push their horizons, just like you, imagine how great that would be.

I think you are getting my point. There is an interest on both sides and there is usually an intermediary travel agency in between trying to bring those together. But is this really necessary in our peer-to- peer times? Just like you can book your flight, hotel, car, anything yourself, you should be able to find each other directly, shape your group, shake your hands, share the costs and enjoy the travel together.

What we are building here is the peer-to- peer traveling platform. The place where travelers, wanna-be travelers and tourists meet each other and get on the trip together.

Try it. Tell us what you think. We are just starting and eagerly willing to hear from you.

JoinMyTrip.World team

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