About us

Who we are?

We discover our Planet by going to less visited, sometimes hidden places. We do not look for stereotype vacations in all-inclusive hotels and close to crowdy beaches. Instead, we like to go off the beaten track. On the other side we like to discover new dimensions in well-known places. Every trip we make is unique and is a life-experience. We love to share our findings, emotions and knowledge with our fellow travelers who want to discover our Planet in this way too.

We are Travelers. Explorers. Adventurers. Artists. Me.., Him,.. Her,.. and You!

We are ALL really the authors of this website.

Join us! Enjoy feeling like Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo or James Cook. It does not matter if you hike, sail or cycle. Meet your fellow travelers here and discover the world together!

Were you looking to find who drives the JoinMyTrip.World site?


Meet Serge and Michael:

About JoinMyTrip.World

Serge is crazy about sailing and wants to show as many people as possible the beauty of gliding on the water with the wind bringing you closer to the horizon.

About JoinMyTrip.World
Michael loves to discover unspoiled forests, lakes, stay overnight in a tent in a middle of nowhere, sing songs close to a campfire with a good company.


We are from the ‘@’ – generation that made Internet change people’s lives. Now we want to let Internet help us and you discover our Planet. TOGETHER!